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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wrong Stuff

During a recent visit to a local consignment/resale store, I noticed a young man sitting on a bench waiting to be served by the “buyers.”  I noticed him, not because he was young and handsome (although he was), not because he was dressed in tasteful but very hip style (although he was), not because he was well-spoken as he conversed with a friend (although he was).  I noticed him because when I got within 10 feet or so, I could smell the overwhelming reek of tobacco smoke.  A quick glance showed other tell-tale signs – yellowish stains on his fingers, discolored teeth, a burn hole in his jacket.  A few minutes later, I overheard the buyers who had opened the bag of clothing that young man brought in for resale.  One buyer discretely turned to the other and quietly asked her to smell a jacket.  She wrinkled her nose and looked disgusted.  “Really strong” was all she had to say.  The first buyer just put the jacket back into the bag, and returned it to its crestfallen owner.  “I’m sorry, we just can’t take anything for the store today.”

Too bad.  Probably not the last rejection he’ll get, either.

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